eComforts Water Gun with Water bag –

eComforts Water Gun with Water bag


  • Backpack water gun, no more refilling. Ideal for water wars and outdoor fun, for toddlers and kids.
  • Sturdy backpack will store the water and keep the game going at high speed.
  • Wide strapped and lightweight, this backpack is easy for kids to carry without causing back strain.
  • This powerful pistol will satisfy you with its far and on-target shoots. WIN your next water war!
  • Adjustable straps, can be customized to comfortably fit all sizes.


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Your Friends And Family At A Party; Gathering; Or Outdoor Play! Perfect Water Sport For Beach/Pool. Fun Heat Reliever! With This Super Water Shooter, You Can Play For A Long While Without Frequently Refilling Your Gun. The Sturdy Backpack Will Store The Water And Keep Your Game Going At High Speed. Features A Powerful Pistol That Will Surely Satisfy You With Its Far And On Target Shoots. Win The Next Water Battle With This Convenient And Powerful Shooter Wide Strapped, Comfortable And Lightweight, This Backpack Can Be Carried For Extended Periods Of Time Without Causing Any Back Strain. Made Of High Quality, Durable Plastic. With Adjustable Straps The Backpack Can Be Customized To Comfortably Fit All Sizes.

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